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MSC05 3040
1 University of New Mexico
AlbuquerqueNM 87131

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Education Classrooms
Building 67, Room #211

Phone: (505) 277-0878

Cameron Goble

BA, University Studies, UNM
MA, Educational Leadership, UNM
Cameron Goble has been a Lobo since he was 4 years old when he was enrolled at the UNM Children’s Campus in 1977.  In his adult life, he discovered the joys of higher education to earn a BA in University Studies and acquired a love of teaching through his senior project in the UNM Honors Program.  Cameron has consulted professionally for non-profits and humanitarian organizations both in Albuquerque and to international educators.  In 2017, he earned his Master’s in Educational Leadership.  At UNM Human Resources, Cameron was instrumental in creating the ULead program, which develops leadership skills among UNM staff regardless of position or pay grade.  Cameron’s drive lies in finding creative ways to understand students’ authentic situations and desires, then to sculpt fulfilling educational experiences to meet them.  Cameron has a great fondness for undergraduates who feel completely bewildered by college.
Groups: Student organizations, Interdisciplinary educators, Leaders in education at all levels, Allies for intersectional humanitarian causes
Projects: Student engagement assessment tools, curriculum (re)design, Staff Council Grade 13 Representative, Breaking the status quo

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