STCC Event Policies

STCC Policy on Eligibility

Unless otherwise noted in the event description, all STCC programs are open to current UNM Main Campus undergraduate students. Unfortunately, STCC programs cannot support UNM Branch Campus students at this time.

STCC defines “current” as being enrolled for classes at UNM in the semester in which the program takes place, or, if the program is in the summer, enrolled for classes at UNM in either the summer or the upcoming fall semester.

STCC welcomes CNM or other community college students who are also currently dual-enrolled as undergraduates at UNM.

If you are in a transition from undergraduate to graduate (for example, you graduated in May but want to participate in a program that happens in June), please contact us at or 505-277-0878 to verify that we can support you for that particular program.

If you are interested in participating in a STCC program but are unsure of your eligibility, please contact
us at or 505-277-0878 to discuss your situation with us.

STCC Policy on Attendance

Students can register for any program and drop it at least 48 hours before a program begins with no penalty.

Any drops that occur within 48 hours of the program, or on the day of the program itself, will result in one warning from the STCC Staff. After two warnings, students will not be allowed to participate in any STCC program
that requires registration for the rest of that semester.

If you have two warnings and would like to discuss your situation with STCC Staff, we welcome you to do
so. Please contact us at or 505-277-0878.

Exceptions to this policy may be granted at the discretion of STEM Collaborative Staff.