About STEM University

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What is STEM University?

STEM University is a collection of free activities related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines (STEM). These events will help you connect with:
• Careers and internships
• Scientists, engineers, researchers, faculty members and peers
• Emerging technologies
• Cutting-edge research
• Leadership and advocacy in STEM
• Other UNM STEM opportunities and resources

Where do I find the list of STEM University events?

Check us out here: http://stemuniversity.unm.edu/

What types of events are offered through STEM University?

STEM University events are offered in the following formats:
• Workshops are short sessions that introduce you to opportunities or basic concepts, or provide an introductory glimpse into research or technology. Workshops range in length from 30 minutes to 3 hours.
• Conference sessions are workshops that are offered as part of student conferences at UNM. In these sessions, students may develop presentations, learn about navigating an academic or professional conference, and network with other researchers. Conference sessions generally last 50 minutes and the workshops can range from one to several hours.
• STEM University trips introduce you to site-based research, internships, career pathways and emerging technologies. Trips range from half-day to four days in length.
• Projects provide you the opportunity to participate extensively in research, advocacy, leadership, professional development or emerging technology. Projects often require substantial time commitments, ranging from 8 to 36 hours over the course of a semester.
• Mentorships connect you with scientists, engineers or other STEM professionals. Mentorships generally require you to commit between 10 and 24 hours over the course of a semester.
• Civic engagements provide you the opportunity to improve your chosen STEM profession and to strengthen your communities.

How much do these events cost?

All STEM University group-based events are free to undergraduate students. For individual-based activities (such as mentorships and some civic and leadership engagements), students will need to provide their own transportation.

Who can participate in STEM University?

STEM University events are sponsored by different departments across UNM. As a result, events are often designed for different populations of students. On each event page, you will find a description of who can attend that event.

What will I learn through STEM University events?

STEM University events are designed to teach the skills most valued by employers. Each event will list the skills that will be most enhanced by your participation.
These skills are divided into five categories:
• Professionalism
• Research & Assessment
• Effective Communication
• Critical Thinking
• Collaboration

How do I sign up for events?

STEM University events are offered using a variety of sign-up methods. Some are walk-in events where no sign-up is required. Other events require you to log onto the STEM University portal to register. Others require you to complete applications. At the bottom of each event page, you will see instructions on how to register for that event.

Who do I call with questions?

STEM University is coordinated by the STEM Collaborative Center (STCC). For questions about events, please contact the STCC at 277-0878 or stem@unm.edu.

What STEM University events have been offered in the past?

Check out highlights from our past events here: Past Events

What are the STEM University policies?

Check out our policies page here: STCC Event Policies