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STEM Communication Network

The STEM Student Communication Network is designed to help programs market events and opportunities to UNM undergraduate students.  The Network includes the following two components: 

Communication Resources Handbook

This handbook provides you with the resources to market your events and opportunities, including a list of bulletin boards on campus where you can place posters, a list of UNM STEM list-serves and social media sites, and other marketing venues.

Publicize My Events and Opportunities

If you have a small staff and would like assistance publicizing your events, the STCC provides a free marketing service.  By clicking this link, you will access a form that you can use to describe your upcoming event or opportunity.  Once you complete the link, and provide the STCC with the appropriate paper copies of flyers or digital copies of PowerPoint slides, we will do the legwork for you.  We will post flyers around campus, and publicize your event on SUB LED screens and in the weekly STCC STEM newsletter (among others).

Help Us Improve

Each of these tools are new and continually improving.  We value your feedback!  If you see corrections, deletions or additions for the handbook, or if have new ideas for how we might help you market your STEM events, please email us at with your suggestions.