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STEM University

STEM University is a collection of free outside-of-class STEM events available to UNM undergraduate students.  These events connect UNM students with STEM research, scientists, technology and leadership.  The webpage that hosts these events was created by the STCC in cooperation with Information Technologies, and provides a robust mechanism for publicizing events.  The website also allows students to register for events, and for staff to manage signups.

Click Here to See STEM University Events

Click here to access the current list of STEM University events.  This list changes weekly, so check back often to see new entries.

Put My Event in STEM University

Do you have a STEM event that you would like for us to list, and/or manage signups?  Events that meet all of the following requirements are posted here for free: (1) STEM focused, (2) free to students, (3) does not require registration in a specific course or degree program to participate, (4) sponsored by a UNM department or student organization.  Click here to email us information about an event that you would like posted on the STEM University site.